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Home brew starter kits can be bought all over the world and contain everything you will need to start your own beer. They are relatively cheap considering they generally produce 40 pints (23 litres) of beer. Once you have the equipment you can then buy the beer kits and just re-use the equipment. Kits can be bought for between 800 to 1500 baht depending on the brand. Now you must agree, 800 baht for 40 pints of beer isnt bad at all. Below is an example of the Coopers Micro Brew starter kit which I can highly recommend. It has everything including bottles.

Coopers micro brewery

One of the other great things about homebrew equipment is that it can be easily and cheaply made at home. For instance, a mash tun can be made out of a 30litre picnic cooler, some copper pipe and a tap. All of this can be bought in Thailand for next to nothing. A boiler can be made from a stainless steel stock pot, a tap and a gas burner, once again all readily available and costing very little in Thailand.

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