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There are quite a few commercially available beers that you will find in most bars and supermarkets throughout Thailand. These include Thai beers that are brewed by Thai breweries or international beers brewed in Thailand under license.

Generally the style of these beers is Lager or Pils. You will often see Thai people drinking these in a glass full of ice. This is certainly not the way I would drink a beer but if thats the way they like it... then thats fine by me!!!

So here is the list of commercial beers available. 


Singha 5% ABV

Brewery: Boon Rawd

This is a full bodied premium lager beer brewed from 100% barley malt. The original version used to be 6% ABV until September 2007 when it was changed to 5%abv. The original 6% version was in my opinion excellent for this style of beer, however, when they lowered the ABV the taste was just not the same. That aside, it is still very drinkable. 

Singha Light 3.5% ABV

Brewery: Boon Rawd

A lighter version of Singha. Alcohol and calories have been reduced, but as with most 'light' beers, so has the taste.

Leo Beer 5.5%

Brewery: Boon Rawd

Brewed as a cheaper alternative to the premium Singha beer, this is a light put potent beer. Not too much to be said about taste, lots of bubbles but head retention is almost zero. I suppose it can be quite refreshing when served ice cold on a hot Thai afternoon.

Thai Beer 6.4%

Brewery: Boon Rawd

A very strong and cheap lager style beer.

Chang 6.4%

Brewery: Thai Beverage

A very strong, bitter, full bodied lager style beer. Due to its strength and cheap price, the phrase 'Chang-over' was born. The name Chang comes from the Thai word for Elephant. It is also the official sponsor of Everton FC. Although many will disagree, I find Chang very drinkable.

Heineken 5%

Brewery: Thai Asia Pacific

Brewed under license by TAP, this is the most popular beer in Thailand. Heineken is a refreshing, lager style beer and in my opinion the best tasting commercially brewed lager beer in Thailand. It is generally more expensive than Chang or Singha.

Cheers Beer 5.6%

Brewery: Thai Asia Pacific

A cheap and strong beer that has a strange slightly sweet and watery taste. Some like it, some dont. I think it'll get you drunk, but thats about all.

Tiger Beer 5%

Brewery: Thai Asia Pacific

This is a Singaporean beer once again brewed under license by TAP. Less bitter than Chang or Singha but more so than Heineken. Tiger has a nice malty taste and good mouthfeel, it is also cheaper than Heineken.

San Miguel Light 5%

Brewery: Pathum Thani

This beer is generally served with a slice of lime. If it wasnt then there would be no taste. In my opinion this is one of the worst beers available in Thailand. Taste resembles that of fizzy water. This is very over priced for the quality of beer that you recieve.

 Archa 5.4%

Brewery: Thai Beverage

The cheapest beer in Thailand. Brewed by Thai Bev, this is the cheaper alternative to Chang. Low on taste, high on bubbles. Another beer that will get you drunk... but nothing more. Buy it if your skint, if not, give it a miss.

Federbrau 4.7%

Brewery: Cosmos

Brewed using only natural ingredients and according to the German purity law. This beer was launched under a huge amount of publicity aimed at upmarket customers. A light lager beer that is low in taste and mouthfeel. Although not overly unpleasant this is certainly not something I would choose to drink. Lots of gas, no aroma and best served cold. Nothing special.